StrongHold Bowed Wall Repair

Advanced Infrastructure Repair for Bowed and Cracked Walls

The proven StrongHold Wall Repair and Strengthening System is designed to fix and strengthen any type of wall. No matter the cause of your bowed or cracked walls, our highly trained technicians will install the Stronghold System to prevent any further foundational issues.

The StrongHold Solution

At ABS Foundation Services, we provide a trustworthy and tested solution to reinforce bowing walls. We understand that bowing walls can lead to a number of additional problems that can put your home in danger. The foundation of your home is vital to keeping the structure stable, and for protecting your family and belongings. The StrongHold System will not only proactively prevent further (and potentially irreversible) damage, but will also drastically improve your foundation’s overall strength.

The StrongHold System uses a flexible carbon fiber alternative to the commonly-used semi-rigid plates. This allows for a simple, efficient, and maintenance-free option to put an end to bowing walls before more damage is done. This process does not need any excavating or drilling, and the carbon fiber material is stronger, thinner, and lighter than steel. StrongHold carbon fiber is also very versatile and can be used to fix any type of concrete or masonry wall. Using StrongHold brand reinforcing materials and techniques, our team of skilled technicians is able to strengthen bowing walls and keep them safely secure.

The StrongHold Process

Beginning with StrongHold Bowing Wall Fabric, we will provide expert, painless installation to your foundation's walls. This process includes:

  • Surface prep and prime
  • Carbon fiber installation to cracks and foundational issues
  • Fresh coat of paint

By utilizing highly durable carbon fiber, StrongHold Bowing Wall Fabric provides tremendous strength to your home's foundation. These features, combined with efficient and hassle-free installation, make the StrongHold Repair System a no-brainer decision for the majority of foundation related issues.

Contact our experienced ABS technicians today to put an end to your bowing walls!

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