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Basement & Foundation Repair

At ABS, we know that basement walls fail in many different ways and that they are made with different materials. We don't believe in the "one size fits all" mentality, which is why we offer a variety of adaptable solutions for foundation repair.

When the foundation of your home is compromised with serious cracks and settlement problems, look to ABS Foundation Services to put you back on solid footing. With engineered products and methods, and plenty of experience to know the most realistic solutions, we are your responsible choice for foundation repairs.

Our experienced team will review all of the options available to you and determine the best solution for your unique issue to achieve the outcome you want and deserve.

Signs and Causes of Foundation Damage

Foundation damage can be caused by a wide variety of factors. No house is completely safe from the risks. Some of the more common causes of foundation damage include frequent temperature changes, earthquakes, overly wet or dry soil, loose soil, bad drainage, and poor construction. The symptoms of foundation damage can be both subtle and obvious. They are:

  • Cracks in foundation walls or brickwork
  • Bowing wall sections
  • Gaps and cracks in unusual places
  • Stresses and strains to plumbing, electrical, and gas lines
  • Misaligned finished walls
  • Misaligned doors and windows
  • Gap between chimney and house
  • Cracks in walls and ceilings
  • Sloping floors
  • Cracks in tile and concrete floors
  • Gaps around fireplace and wall

Bowed and Cracked Wall Repair

Typical concrete or poured basement walls can suffer serious damage from the soil pressures surrounding the foundation. This leads to tremendous lateral stress on the foundation wall. The resulting damage can manifest itself as cracks, buckling, or even a caved-in wall. The problem will not fix itself over time, and it will most likely get worse. Corrective action should be taken promptly, at the first sign of trouble.

Many homeowners have experienced the major inconvenience and financial setback of repairing or replacing a failed wall, only to endure the demanding process all over again. At ABS, we go beyond the "quick fix" to ensure that your home's foundation lasts.

For badly bowed or caved-in walls, we recommend the wall anchor systems from Ideal Foundation Systems. The time-tested earth anchor and wall plate technologies from Ideal are the strongest in the field. The wall anchor will not only stop wall bowing, but will actually improve the condition of your basement wall over time.

In some repair situations, it may not be necessary or feasible to use an anchor system. In this case, carbon fiber strips may be used to secure bowing walls. The Stronghold Bowing Wall Fabric Kit is a great, maintenance-free solution that we can quickly and easily install, adding drastically improved stability to your home's foundation.

The FlexiSpan Wall Crack Repair System from Basement Systems is another option that is great for fixing cracks and stopping basement wall leaks. FlexiSpan uses a combination of flexible sealant and foam material to create a water-tight repair solution for you leaky basement walls.

Sinking Foundation Repair and House Leveling

ABS Foundation Services offers all levels of foundation repair for sinking or uneven foundations. A certified consultant will analyze the foundation and gather data about factors such as soil composition in order to assess what kind of repairs are needed.

Helical piles from Ideal Foundation Systems are the perfect solution for a sinking foundation. The hot-dipped galvanized components and standard 100" bearing surface means that your foundation will receive permanent stabilization that is superior to other types of piles and piers.

Helical piles are steel shafts that resemble large screws. The piles are driven into the ground and help to transfer the load of the foundation to more stable dirt farther beneath the surface. They are commonly used for both new construction when the soil is weak, and to repair and reinforce existing foundations that have shifted or settled.

If you're not sure where to start, or you know you need professional help, give our foundation experts a call for a free inspection in the Rochester NY area.

We are more than happy to come out, take a look, and provide you with specific details on how you can protect your foundation. Whether the damage to your wall has been extensive or minimal, we offer you permanent, cost effective solutions.

Contact our experts today for further details on our basement and foundation repair options.

What our clients say about ABS:

It was a nice experience from the beginning phone call, the visit from Tim, to the crew that came to do the work. Very professional, thank you.

Megan A. | Avon, NY

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