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Drainage Systems and Repair

WaterGuard Basement Waterproofing Piping System

A good sump pump is the key to removing water from a basement, but a sump pump is only as good as the drainage system that directs water to it. That's why it is crucial to have an effective, non-clogging piping system. The WaterGuard System is specially engineered to drain water and prevent clogging from soils under the basement floor.

WaterGuard is designed to rest on top of the basement footing, which keeps it away from dirt and mud that can clog other drainage systems. Installing WaterGuard in this location allows water to be collected from the basement and drained directly into the sump well. Special wall flanges help WaterGuard catch any water seepage from walls without the need for an unsightly gap at the wall-floor joint that can collect dirt and debris from the floor.

WaterGuard is the perfect solution to keep water out of finished and unfinished basements. When combined with other basement waterproofing technologies, such as a sump pump, WaterGuard is the right choice to permanently keep your basement dry.

Waterguard in Progress
Waterguard basement solution

Traditional PVC Drainage

Not all basements require the WaterGuard system. PVC pipe drainage systems are installed underneath the basement floor, as close to the basement wall as possible, with a gap running along the edge of the wall. This gap remains open, collecting water that runs off the floor or walls. The pipes are tilted downward towards the sump pit to direct the water using gravity. The sump pump can then pump the water out of the pit. In new construction, a trench along the entire interior wall will be made before pouring the concrete floor. Depending on building codes, the trench may be placed on top of the footer that extends inside the basement or it might be placed on the inside of the footer. This system of drainage using a trench and piping is often referred to as a "French drain." The French drain system includes perforated 4" PVC drain tile.

Contact us today to learn about your basement drainage options, including the state-of-the-art WaterGuard Basement Waterproofing Piping System and other basement waterproofing technologies. 

French drain

What our clients say about ABS:

ABS recently completed work on our basement. We live on the lake, and were affected by the flooding last year. ABS was so wonderful to work with. Tim impressed us immediately during his thorough inspection of our basement during the estimate. The estimate was completed and sent to us quickly and accurately. Sara was so polite and helpful each time we spoke on the phone. Once the work started, Tim was onsite with a crew of very skilled workers. The employees were polite, hardworking and knowledgeable. The work exceeded our expectations. Once the job was completed our basement, garage and yard was cleaned, and we were educated on how the equipment worked. ABS has been available to me after the work was completed to answer my question I forgot to ask.! I contacted many companies for estimates, and I am so thankful we chose ABS to do the work on our basement. I highly recommend ABS. We hope this review persuades you to contact them, and hire them for your project. I know you will be happy you did!

Michalene and Michael LaBue | Rochester, NY

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