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Rhino Carbon Fiber Bowed Wall Repair

Advanced Infrastructure Repair for Bowed and Cracked Walls

Rhino Carbon Fiber® Wall Supports is a patented carbon fiber system designed to repair bowed foundation walls by linking the foundation base with the house framing, making it the strongest system on the market!

No matter the cause of your bowed or cracked walls, our highly trained technicians will install Rhino Carbon Fiber® to prevent any further foundational issues.

Rhino Carbon Fiber® Bowed Wall Repair

At ABS Foundation Services, we provide a trustworthy and tested solution to reinforce bowing walls. We understand that bowing walls can lead to a number of additional problems that can put your home in danger. The foundation of your home is vital to keeping the structure stable, and for protecting your family and belongings.   Rhino Carbon Fiber® Wall Supports will not only proactively prevent further (and potentially irreversible) damage, but will also drastically improve your foundation’s overall strength.

Rhino Carbon Fiber® Wall Supports work on large and small cracks, stair stepping cracks in concrete block walls, leaking cracks, and hairline cracks that crack injection alone won’t fix. The Rhino system structurally repairs the cracks, stops them from moving, and prevents water from entering the basement.  The smooth, flat finish can be easily painted or covered with wall panels.

Patented Rhino Carbon Fiber® Wall Supports link the foundation base with the house framing making it the strongest system on the market!

Bowing walls diagram
Rhino Carbon Fiber® Wall Solution

The Rhino Carbon Fiber® Process

Beginning Rhino Carbon Fiber® Bowing Wall Fabric, we will provide expert, painless installation to your foundation's walls. This process includes:

  • Surface prep and prime
  • Carbon fiber installation to cracks and foundational issues
  • Fresh coat of paint

By utilizing highly durable carbon fiber, Rhino Carbon Fiber® Wall Fabric provides tremendous strength to your home's foundation. These features, combined with efficient and hassle-free installation, make the Rhino Repair System a no-brainer decision for the majority of foundation related issues.

Contact our experienced ABS technicians today to put an end to your bowing walls!

Bowing basement wall repair
Bowing Basement Wall Repair

What our clients say about ABS:

It was a pleasure to do business with your company – everyone we encountered was efficient and courteous. The job was completed within the time frame you had indicated from the start. Very well done.

Mr. & Mrs. Edelman | Penfield, NY

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