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Basement Waterproofing

Your basement doesn't have to be a cold, damp room beneath your house that is only fit for storage. With the right combination of preparation, technology, and proven techniques, your basement can be turned into a warm, dry, attractive room in your home. Don't endure a wet basement any longer!

Signs and Causes of a Wet Basement

Wet basements can occur in any home, regardless of the age and location of the structure. Water can affect any type of foundation, be it block walls, poured concrete walls or stone walls. These are all susceptible to water damage which can eventually lead to foundation stress or failure.

Typically, there are warning signs to tell you if your home's foundation is at risk for water damage. Besides the obvious symptom of basement flooding, there are more subtle clues that can hint at impending water damage:

  • Look for areas where water collects around your foundation.
  • Surrounding dirt and walkways that slope towards house can cause water to build up around the foundation.
  • Watch for leaky plumbing. While basement flooding is normally caused by external factors such as rain, sometimes the culprit may already be right in your home.
  • Obstructed gutters and/or downspouts can prevent rainwater from properly draining away from your foundation.

Why a Dry Basement is Important to Your Home

The presence of excess moisture in a basement can lead to a multitude of problems. Besides the obvious inconveniences of flooding, there are also numerous hidden issues associated with the additional moisture. Among these are increased harmful mold and mildew that can lead to toxic air, increased humidity throughout the entire house, and unpleasant odor.

In addition, there are numerous benefits to keeping your basement dry:

  • A dry basement will increase your property value.
  • Reduced moisture will ensure a sound foundation.
  • Your home will be healthier for you and your family due to a reduction in potentially harmful mold and mildew.
  • Your basement will be warmer in the winter.
  • A dry, comfortable basement means increased living space.
  • No more worrying about your valuables getting damaged by flood water or excessive humidity.

At ABS Foundation Services, we utilize all of the most innovative and effective waterproofing technologies to keep your basement dry. Our expert waterproofing and foundation repair professionals will go over every detail with you before, during, and after the job is completed, to keep you aware of what's being done in your home and to ensure that you feel confident in our work to help restore your peace of mind.

Basement Waterproofing Solutions

There is a vast array of solutions to waterproof a basement depending on factors such as the source of the water, the type of walls and flooring, and many other factors. ABS will inspect your basement to determine the best products and services to fit your waterproofing needs. Here is a list of many of the waterproofing solutions that we provide:

  • Sump Pumps – One of the most important aspects of basement waterproofing is the sump pump. It pumps water out of the sump basin and into the sewer system. It is crucial to have a properly functioning sump pump, as this is typically the primary way for water to be removed from your basement.

  • Basement Drainage Systems – Interior water drainage systems can be installed along the wall under the floor to provide water a route to flow out the basement, keeping your floor dry.

  • Wall Waterproofing – While floors are the most common spot to notice basement wetness, walls can be a major contributor to moisture. Most walls allow water vapor and damp air to pass through, even when they are made from solid concrete. A waterproof basement wall system can provide a barrier for moisture while also improving the aesthetics of your basement.

  • Basement Flooring – Most basement floors are cold, hard, and damp. Even if you're not looking to have a completely finished basement, a flooring system can prevent cold air and moisture from reaching your basement from beneath, and can provide a softer, more comfortable surface to walk on.

  • Basement Windows – Most basement windows are an easy access point for all kinds of unwanted things, including cold air, moisture, and insects. Replacing your basement windows with more well-insulated ones can improve the look and feel of your basement, and help save on energy costs. In addition, window well drains and covers can help prevent excess moisture from reaching your basement. The RockWell window well is a one option that can add both comfort and safety to a basement,

  • Downspout Extensions – Roof water can be a major culprit in basement flooding, as rain water that is not properly carried away from the foundation can seep into the basement. Downspout extensions, including the Basement Systems LawnScape Outlet or RainChute, help direct water from the gutter downspouts or sump pump discharge to a safe location away from the foundation.

If you don't see the type of solution that you need, feel free to ask us! At ABS, we provide the Rochester NY and surrounding areas with waterproofing solutions to meet all of your needs.

Contact us today to schedule a free inspection to determine why your basement is wet, and how to fix it.

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What our clients say about ABS:

Tim and the crew were excellent in answering my questions and following up on any requests that I had. I am so pleased with the Whitewall because it has transformed my basement and made is so bright and clean!

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